East Leake Parish Council – Village Burial Ground
Fees and charges payable (Revised 1st April 2019)
Full burial
50 year exclusive rights burial in purchased allocated plot £481
Interment to full burial
Stillbirth – 4 years No Charge
Non resident £102
4-16 years £85
Over 16 years (including second interment) £240
Cremated Remains
Purchase of cremated remains plot £44
Interment of cremated remains £58
Scattering of cremated remains £52
Other Fees
Access for ceremony – authorised clergy present £26
Access for ceremony – clerk’s presence required £54
Search of records - To include one certified copy of up to three related entries £35
The above charges do not include the services of a grave-digger where required
Erection of upright headstone £96
Erection of vase (see 4) £58
Child’s headstone £36
Cremation plaque £55
Additional inscription £42
Attachment of memorial plate to lychgate £31