Meadow Park July 2019

The Friends of Meadow Park formulated a plan in 2017 for the annual cuts of headlands and margins over a 3-year rotation. This has been implemented in 2018 and 2019.

It was also agreed that there should be one cut each year, rather than the previous 2, and that this should be between August and October
In 2018, due to hot weather and limited rainfall, there was a risk of fire and an earlier cut was agreed as necessary.

The local farmer engaged by East Leake Parish Council to cut the meadows each year has discretion regarding timing of the cut according to conditions in Meadow Park and his work commitments.

He was asked to cut as late as possible in July 2019 but actually mowed on 10th July.

ELPC regrets that a minimum of 3 weeks of growth of plants (flowers and seeds), and life cycles of insects and butterflies and wildlife have been affected by this earlier timing. The unexpected early cut has also destroyed a small memorial beech tree in the Arboretum,  as the plan to make it more visible imminently with a taller stake was thwarted.

The Parish Council will in future years ensure that access to the Park for mowing is not granted until after 1st August, except in exceptional circumstances.

Councillor Conrad Oatey, Parish Council Chairman
Neil Lambert, Parish Clerk
July 12th 2019