Gotham Road Play Area
Residents will be aware that this has been closed for a long time because of dangerous soft areas under the rubber surface. This has, we know, been a great frustration to many people. The Parish Council has spent many months seeking a resolution from the playground supplier. This has included many legal exchanges between the parties.
Regrettably the supplier continues to deny responsibility for the failure and will not even share the remedial costs. Thus the steps agreed by the Parish Council at its May 26th meeting are:
• To continue to pursue legal remedy, including exploring whether our insurers will cover our legal costs for court proceedings and obtaining any expert report recommended as part of our evidence to the court.

• To get the area repaired as soon as possible at the Council’s cost, whilst retaining the right to take legal action to recover the cost, in parallel with repairs.

It should be stressed that the repair work will be substantial, as it involves removing the rubber surface, installing a stone base and installing a new safe soft surface. Costs are expected to run into tens of thousands of pounds, and the Council believes strongly that this should be paid for by the supplier, rather than being paid by the Council funds that come directly from your Council Tax.
However we cannot leave things as they are until any legal proceedings have concluded, as they could take a considerable time, so we have agreed to fund repairs up front.