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Notice of Conclusion of Audit Year Ended 31 March 2016

Parish Councils are required to provide Council Tax payers with details of the spending plans for the coming Financial Year when the precepted amount reaches a certain level.

How the money will be spent.

East Leake Parish Council provides, manages and maintains a number of services in the parish:

The Parish Office, 45 Main Street
Gotham Road Recreation Ground and Children’s Playground.
Oldershaw Trust Recreation Ground, Costock Road and Play Equipment
The Rest Garden, Main Street
Gotham Road Health Centre and Main Street Car Parks.
St. Mary’s Churchyard.
The Village Green, Pinfold and War Memorial
The Glebe Gardens, Station Road
The Village Burial Ground, West Leake Road
The Public Toilets, Gotham Road

To manage these undertakings the Parish Council employs 2 part-time Administration Staff and 1.5 Amenities Staff.

In addition to the above, the Council makes grants to several village organisations, provides seats, litter bins and dog bins, funds the provision of CCTV coverage in the village centre, the Hanging Baskets Scheme and Christmas Tree Scheme.

Where the money comes from

The main sources of income for the Parish Council are:

Income from hire of Recreation Ground
Fees for burials, interments, and the erection of memorials.
Interest on invested Reserves
Grant assistance from Rushcliffe Borough Council
Precept on Council Tax as set by Parish Council