Neighbourhood planning gives local communities the opportunity to plan for their local areas and decide how they develop and grow in the future. It can be used to:

.. choose where new homes, shops and offices should be built…
.. have a say on what those new buildings should look like
.. influence the design and functionality of open spaces around where you live
.. grant planning permission for the new buildings your community wants to see go ahead.

East Leake Parish Council has established a Neighbourhood Plan Project Team to take forward a Neighbourhood Plan for East Leake. Relevant documents and progress reports will be made available here.

Latest News – November 2015

At the East Leake Neighbourhood Planning Referendum, held on Thursday 19 November, 94.58% voted “yes”, i.e. in favour of the plan. Voter turnout was 24.94%

Adopted version of the East Leake Neighbourhood Plan, November 2015

The question asked was: “Do you want Rushcliffe Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for East Leake to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Full details of the referendum process are on Rushcliffe Borough Council’s web page on ReferendumsSee also the explanatory leaflet produced for voters.

East Leake Neighbourhood Plan Project Team

Terms of Reference of Neighbourhood Plan Project Team
Relationship between the Community Plan activities and the Neighbourhood Plan activities

Referendum Documents

East Leake Neighbourhood Plan (October 2015) incorporating the modifications set out in the Decision Statement.‌
Examiner’s Report
Summary of Representations submitted to the Examiner
Basic Conditions Statement
General information on Neighbourhood Planning
Statement of Consultation (amended after examination)

Documents that were submitted for examination

East Leake Neighbourhood Plan – Submission Version
Higher resolution version of maps – Fig 2.6/1 ; Fig 6.1/1
Statement of Basic Conditions
Statement of Consultation
Statement of Consultation Appendix 7 – Playground Consultation
Statement of Consultation Appendix 8 – Pre Submission Consultation Responses

Evidence Base (see below)
Submission letter

Documents etc Included in East Leake Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Base

Implications of Household Projections for the Mix of Housing in East Leake 2013-2028
East Leake Ridges – Views Assessment (amended after examination)
East Leake Primary Schools, Analysis of Capacity to cope with Housing Growth
Analysis of ONS Neighbourhood Statistics for East Leake
Assessment of Areas Identified as Green Space
Village Centre Parking Surveys
East Leake Flooding – photo gallery
Planning Applications for Housing Development, December 2014
NPIERS Pre Examination Health Check
Nottinghamshire insight mapping – graphical information system maintained by Nottingham City Council
Nottinghamshire County Council Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014
Nottinghamshire County Council Planning Contributions Strategy (page no longer exists)
Rushcliffe Borough Council Core Strategy Documentation
Rushcliffe Borough Council – Summary of Consultation for Fresh Approach – May to July 2011
Rushcliffe Borough Council – Fresh Approach – East Leake Parish Profile
East Leake evidence review by Rushcliffe Borough Council (produced for Neighbourhood Plan group, March 2013 – includes links to several sources plus extracts of other documents)
East Leake Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan
East Leake Conservation Area Townscape Appraisal
East Leake Parish Plan 2004
East Leake Community Plan Group drop-in day – red and green spots exercise to identify areas of East Leake that residents like and dislike
East Leake Community Plan Group: Community Plan Brochure plus Village Action Plan, and Questionnaire August 2012 and survey report
Stanford Hall Development
Gypsum Mineral Planning Factsheet (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister/British Geological Survey, 2006)
Nottinghamshire County Council Minerals Local Plan, adopted December 2005
Nottinghamshire County Council Minerals Local Plan Preferred Approach Consultation, 2013

Earlier Versions of the Neighbourhood Plan

Leaflet explaining changes in the submission version of the Plan
“Tracked changes” version of the Submission version, showing changes made after the consultation
East Leake Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Version 6, 10 September 2014
Consultation Version Summary of Policies

Project Plan: This document will be updated regularly.

Project Plan produced by Rushcliffe Borough Council for the remainder of the process

Minutes of Meetings

Project Team meeting 11 October 2012
Project Team meeting 29 November 2012
Project Team meeting 8 January 2013
Project Team meeting 5 February 2013
Project Team meeting 5 March 2013
Project Team meeting 2 April 2013
Project Team meeting 7 May 2013
Project Team meeting 4 June 2013
Project Team meeting 2 July 2013
Project Team meeting 3 September 2013
Project Team meeting 1 October 2013
Project Team meeting 5 November 2013
Project Team meeting 3 December 2013
Project Team meeting 4 February 2014
Project Team meeting 4 March 2014
Project Team meeting 1 April 2014
Project Team meeting 6 May 2014
Project Team meeting 4 June 2014
Project Team meeting 1 July 2014
Project Team meeting 2 September 2014
Project Team meeting 7 October 2014
Project Team meeting 4 November 2014
Project Team meeting 2 December 2014
Project Team meeting 6 January 2015
Project Team meeting 3 February 2015

Vision Statement:

Vision statement

Draft Infrastructure Considerations

Draft – Infrastructure Considerations

Consultation Responses

12/01821/OUT Land off Lantern Lane
12/01840/OUT Land off Kirk Ley
12/01887/FUL Land South of Meeting House Close
12/02173/OUT, Woodgate Road, East Leake
13/01396/FUL, Land West of Field End Close, East Leake
East Leake Parish Council response to Green Belt Review
East Leake Parish Council response to Core Strategy – further proposals for housing development
13/01263/FUL, Land to South of Meeting House Close
13/02228/OUT, Land off Costock Road, East Leake
13/02259/REM, Woodgate Road, East Leake
East Leake Parish Council representation to Rushcliffe Borough Council Core Strategy Examination
East Leake Parish Council response to Consultation on Operation of NPPF

Workshops for East Leake Facilitated by Design Council/CABE

Following a successful bid by the East Leake Community Plan Group, four workshops were run by CABE to help prepare for the neighbourhood planning process. A case study for this work has been written up on the CABE (Design Council) Website. Agendas and various information sources are listed below.

Workshop 1, 24 March 2012 – Strengthening the Heart of East Leake

Introductory Slides
Understanding Places slides
Contribution of Design slides
Exercise 1 – Characteristics of Good Places
Exercise 2 – Townscape analysis and strategies

Workshop 2, 28 April 2012. Subject: Creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

Exercise 1 – Building for Life Site Visit
Exercise 2 – Towards a Spatial plan

Workshop 3, 3 July 2012. Subject: Vision Statement.


Workshop 4, 25 July 2012. Subject: Project Plan.


Workshop 5, 12 May 2014, Subject: Building for Life 12

Presentation – Building for Life 12
Presentation – Achieving Well Designed Housing in East Leake
Presentation – Streets

Designation of East Leake as a Neighbourhood Area

Application for Designation of East Leake Neighbourhood Area
Map of proposed East Leake Neighbourhood Area